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Industrial Spring
Business Division


Industrial Spring Business Division

Disc Spring

These Disc springs with the sectional shape of plate exhibit excellent load capacity in a small space. They can be designed in various combinations to possess different load properties.

: Disc springs are widely used in virtually all industries including automobiles, ships, power
  generation equipment, marine exploration facilities, construction equipment, boilers,
  incinerators, machinery, tools, electric motors, and transportation facilities.
  • Machine Tool
  • Engineering
  • Nuclear Power
    Plant Valve
  • Desalination
  • Steel Equipment
  • Heavy Press
  • Hydraulic Cylinder

Volute Spring & Ring Spring

Volute Spring

A volute spring is a compression spring in the form of a cone (a volute). Under compression, the coils slide past each other from the bottom of spring. thus enabling the spring to be compressed to in a small space than other spring.

Ring Spring

As being loaded to its shaft with accumulated many wheels of inner and outer which have conical surface the ring springs have the constriction the extension elasticity and the friction of contact surface of inner and outer wheels. Ring spring is used by the character i.c. the constriction the extension elasticity and the friction of inner and outer wheels. The invariable number of ring spring will be archived by changing the ring numbers of and its shape.