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Automotive Spring
Business Division


Automotive Spring Business Division

Leaf Spring

Leaf springs are mostly used for commercial vehicles such as freight trucks. In addition to various leaf springs, Daewon also supplies long taper springs and parabolic springs for light weight. Recently, we developed and are now supplying suspension kits that combine leaf springs and air springs for super-large trucks.

Coil Spring

A spring coiled into a helix, most often used in passenger car suspension. Spring strength determined by thickness, which thicker spring being stiffer. More windings and larger diameters make it softer. A range of strong springs of varied thicknesses and diameters have been developed and produced to handle different applied loads and road surface conditions.

Stabilizer Bar & Torsion Bar

Stabilizer Bar

A stabilizer bar connects opposing (left/right) wheels together through short level arms linked by torsion spring. This is an essential automobile suspension component which helps reduce body roll during fast cornering and over road irregularities.

Torsion Bar

Torsion bars are springs that use the torsion of round materials.

Tension Rod

Tension rods are used in suspension systems to support the forward and backward loads of vehicles and absorb impact from the road surface together with lower arm.

Air Suspension System

Air Suspensions For
Passenger Cars

The latest high-tech product for luxury cars can maintain top suspension performance suiting vehicle characteristics.

Air Suspensions For Buses
And Commercial Vehicles

This suspension is becoming more and more useful large vehicles such as buses and trailers, and can permit car body tilting for kneeling particularly for low-floor buses.

Pusher Axle
Suspension Kits

A pusher axle suspension kit dramatically increases the inventory load limit with a simple up and down axle operation of equipped heavy commercial vehicles including cargo trucks, dump trucks, and special purpose vehicles which have large load fluctuations.

Air Suspensions
For Railway Vehicles

An air spring widely applied in railway vehicles, including passenger, cargo, internal combustion, and high-speed trains. It can be adjusting train height and absorb shock in either direction.